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Avatar Requests

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We Recommend two (2) outside sites for avatars.

Star Trek Photomanipulation Archive at http://stpma.net; They have a large free use area to browse and take requests. Their work Is exceptional and great quality and I find tm quite friendly. However to make request they ask you to be active on their forms and there is a bit of a shortage on artist and a back log on requests as a result. They are still an excellent source.

Many of our Players also use ST:Avatars or SCI FI:Avatars. http://stavatars.net The artist there is one of our members and she is very good at working with you. She has plenty of stock avatars for free use and makes custom ones at request.

You may also make a request here for artwork.

Remember that posting a request here is no guaranty that someone will fill it, but it's worth a shot. Our members, typically, are busy with jobs and projects of
their own and are volunteering their spare time and talents as a favor to others, so please have a little patience and consideration .

We do not take Demands here. We only take requests, so don't just slap down a list to be filled and yell "Any Takers?", without asking nicely.

A little info will help smooth out the rough patches:
ACTOR - Name of the actor you want. If you have links to any photos it could also help.
ERA UNIFORM - Style of plain clothes, or uniform you're looking for, like TOS, TWOK ,TNG, VOY, FC/DS9, Flight Suit, AGT/EG .. Ect.
COLOR - uniform color like GOLD, RED, BLUE,...
RACE - Would you like a Human, Andorian, Bolian, Klingon, etc...
RANK - Captain, Commander, Lieutenant, etc...
EXTRAS - Any thing you can add that might help make it easier to get what you actually want.
MULTIPLE, or SINGLE - It up to the requester to state whether or not multiple artists can do different manips of the same request,
Otherwise it'e first come, first served.

CALLING Claimed - This is to let everybody know that this request is being helped, and other artists need not worry,
unless the requester wants multiple artist to submit a rendering.
KEEP THEM UPDATED - Inform the requester if you need more info, or can't continue, so others may take over.
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