Logistics...huh? :)

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Logistics...huh? :)

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So many of you may have just seen this section, as it is fairly new. And some of probably asked 'Logistics...what in the world is that, and what does it have to do with Trek simming?' The answer to that is a simple one.


Everything that is used on starships, starbases, and elsewhere has to come from somewhere. Replicator are fairly widely used, but the power and base material requirements are such that you cannot use them for everything that is used on your sim. Plus away missions...the need for supplies and equipment vary from assignment to assignment, and that requires a delivery plan and platform. This can range from specialized scientific equipment, to medical supplies for mass casualty incidents, to vehicles used for exploring or Corps of Engineers operations. And not only does this cover the delivery phase of your operation, but the procurement phase as well. And this concept applies to a supply list as small as a few items pulled for a single shuttle mission, to pallets and complete specialized Modules worth of material, shipped out on specialized transports designed specifically for logistical operations.

This can be run as simply or complex as you like. But the deeper you immerse yourself into this concept, more and more interesting writing ideas come into play. It all comes down to how detailed and realistic that you wish to run things. For those who wish to explore this concept further, do not hesitate to contact me. I am going to work on this section quite a bit. Additionally I will be working to introduce quite a few items into the fleet that are designed to work in this system. So stick around and enjoy the ride...it's going to be an interesting one!

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