Structure of the Engineering Department.

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Structure of the Engineering Department.

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The Engineering Department is a seperate department from Research and Development. We are here to provide you with the knowledge for your Engineering needs as well as working as a team to bring you new technology and realistic specifications that Research and Development pass onto us. Engineers are the people who are able to understand technology, adapt it to work and allow it to function. At Theta Fleet Engineering we are dedicated to ensuring that all new ideas are possible within reasonable Engineering standards and theories as well as bringing you all the information you may want to know about different technologies, from Warp Drive to Replicators.

Staff Structure
The department has its own Staff Structure made up of Engineers. The staff is a team which will work on different topics and information together. Each Engineer has their own specialist area allowing them to write and develop that area. They will also be considered an expert in that area and will be called upon for their knowledge in that area if needed. They will also contribute new discoveries as well as known knowledge to their specialist area. For example Ritsu Tainaka's area is Propulsion and she is a specialist in Warp Drive technology, therefore if questions regarding warp drive are asked or new Warp Drive Technology is released then Ritsu will be the engineer assigned to study and wotk with that technology.

The specialist areas we currently have are as follows:
-Power Systems
-Medical Systems
-Science Equipment
-Damage Control
-Shuttles & Auxiliary Craft
-Starship Design

Current Technology
Engineers at Theta Fleet Engineering will be reguarly updating the pages and articles on the website about current technologies. Technology which is currently in use on Starships and Starbases will be researched and explained thoroughly by our team. This allows for players playing engineers and Commanders to know exactly how their ship/starbase/colony works and operate. This in turn makes better simming and accuracy. Also we aim to explain all engineering concepts and systems so that players become more aware of the technology they have at their disposal. Theta Fleet Engineering Specialists can be called upon for help in their area if a CO or player needs it. We work from a variety of canon sources to bring you the best in Engineering and allow you to 'get it right first time'.

New Technology
New technology is being created or thought up everyday by CO's and Engineers in the fleet. It is usually passed onto the Research and Development team who either approve or deny the technology. However once its approved then the creator needs to make a way for the technology to work and operate. Thats where we come in. R&D will pass on the specifications and overview of the approved technology to the Engineering Department and we will be the ones who will create a way for it to work as you imagined it. However please be aware that not all technology approved by the R&D Department will work as you imagined. We at Theta Fleet Engineering will try to adapt it to suit your needs as best as we can sticking to real engineering theories within Star Trek and not breaking any physics. Afterall, "You cannae change the law of physics Jim!"

Theta Fleet Engineering Website
The Theta Fleet Engineering Website is going to be an online resource and the Headquarters for the department. On this website will be information radily available for your needs. Our Engineers will write up their specialist area in a series of articles. These articles will be available to read and learn from as well as link to from your site. Also on the website will be technical manuals and original sources which our engineers will use. This will allow you to understand the engineering concepts and theories that we use and how it can affect you and your sim. The current location of the Engineering website is:

If you have any questions regarding Theta Fleet Engineering please post in the "Questions" section in the Engineering Section on the Theta Fleet Forums. Here questions can be answered or discussed regarding anything to do with Theta Fleet Engineering.
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