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[Guest Issues] - Personnel Gnome

Post by Ongaku-Chi »

Hey! YOU! Are you a guest? You may have noticed this forum doesn't allow you to post in too many places.

Wait, did you already register?

"Why won't it let me log in?"

Well, there's one of two reasons. They are both tied together. Either; A) Your account has not yet been approved by an administrator, or B) Your account was deemed as SPAM by an administrator or our slightly less than artificially intelligent bot filter.


Well, if you, good hearted little humans, were accidentally bot-filtered, not to worry, not to worry. This is a guest topic, that is everywhere! Simply post the username you applied for here, and we'll see about reactivating it. If it's already been botfiltered, though it may require you to reregister. Sorry. :(

"Is there anything I can do to prevent being bot filtered?"

Why yes, my little friend, there is! You can create a username that doesn't look like a bot! :D We generally prefer that people use full character names as their usernames anyways, since it does allow you to put spaces in. Most bots aren't, quite, so clever. :D

"Why did the forum gnome refuse to help me?"

Were you rude, or profane to the Gnomes? That's probably VERY BAD. VERY VERY BAD. Using not nice language on the Gnomes puts them in a cranky mood, and they work all the magical buttons, and doo-dads that keep this forum running. Including turning your accounts on, when you register, or turning them off, if you are mean, or abusive.

Optionally, they may have simply been busy. Busy, busy, little gnomes. Please be patient.

Commander Viv

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