Before you post in this forum - READ THIS.

For Banner Exchange and Sister Fleet requests.

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Before you post in this forum - READ THIS.

Post by Ongaku-Chi »

This forum is provided, as the name implies, for an Intrafleet Banner and Information EXCHANGE.

What does this mean?

It means, that if I cannot find a link, or Theta Fleet banner, on my visit to your website, your advertisement here will be removed, and you will be issued a 30 day Forum ban FROM ALL POSTING.(Not just this section of it.)

Theta Fleet Commanding Officers will be restricted to posting in the monthly award section IF they are advertising a vessel not within Theta Fleet. This is not the section to advertise a Theta Fleet simulation.

If you could not be arsed to read this(DESPITE THE BIG FREAKING STICKY, PLACING IT AT THE TOP OF THE TOPICS LIST, AND THE WORDS "READ THIS" IN THE TITLE, and the fact that it's also listed in the header to the page in this forum...), I won't care. I'll still issue the non-negotiable 30 day ban, and you'll know better next time, won't you?

And, as a fair warning, my visit to your website will be random, it may occur five days, or five minutes, after you've posted your advertisement here, and the same rules apply, so make sure you put the link/banner up, BEFORE posting here.


"Non-Negotiable" - No. You can't get it lifted. If you con another forum administrator into un-banning you, I'll simply reinstate it, AND RESET THE TIMER.

"30 Day Ban" - For the first offense. Mouthing off at Theta Fleet Administrators, or Forum Moderators will revise this into a 'permanent' ban. Repeat offenders will have their bans tripled per offense, until the fourth offense(At which point they'll be banned, if they haven't already been.)

Don't like it?

It's only fair. This forum isn't just here for you to harvest our fleet members. It's here for your ship's crew to take a gander, should they feel the desire, as well.

The Gnomes have spoken. Deal.

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Re: Before you post in this forum - READ THIS.

Post by FruitLoop »

I have two banners for Theta Fleet ships on my site. Does that count?
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Re: Before you post in this forum - READ THIS.

Post by Jessica Angel »

Yes that means you can advertise your site in this particular board.

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