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Nabus Industries CM-1A Mobile Command Post

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Nabus Industries CM-1A Mobile Command Post

6 x 60mm Mortar (3 per side)
2 x Smoke Generators

Length: 10.02 Meters
Width: 3.66
Height: 3.97 Meters
Axles/Wheels: 4/8
Personnel: 8
Drive System: Paired-System Micro-fusion/fission Drives
Maximum Speed: 224.85 kph

The CM-1A is designed to give battlefield commanders full connectivity with all of their forces in the field, and also with the main command posts located further away from the hot zone. The CM-1A has the ability to conduct full spectrum radio communications, data push/pull operations, IVIS Integration, and remote sensor operation. Additionally, the CM-1A is capable of conducting RPV operations. Essentially, the CM-1A has the functionality of a small Tactical Information and Operations Center.

For defensive purposes, the CM-1A features 6 integrated 60mm mortars which are capable of launching Shrapnel, APF (antipersonnel Flechette), Time Delay Shrapnel, ILUM, Smoke, High Explosive, and Time Delay High Explosive Shells at an effective firing range of 70–3,490 meters. Additionally the CM-1A has 2 smoke generators mounted in the rear of the vehicle.
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