Altair Mk II Multiple Launch Projectile System (MLPS)

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Altair Mk II Multiple Launch Projectile System (MLPS)

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Altair Mk II Multiple Launch Projectile System (MLPS)

1 x Twin Panel Projectile Launch System (20-60 per panel, depending on loadout)
6 x 60mm Mortar (3 per side)
2 x External Small Weapons Mounts

Length: 9.94 Meters
Width: 4.26 Meters
Height: 4.07 Meters
Axles/Wheels: 4/8
Personnel: 5
Drive System: Paired-System Micro-fusion/fission Drives
Maximum Speed: 192.44 kph

When it comes to projecting power on the battlefield, nothing does the job better than the Altair Mk II Multiple Launch Projectile System. The MLPS system is capable of delivering a variety of ordnance onto the battlefield, including Anti Armor, Anti-Personnel, and Mine-laying. The MLPS can load off-setting panels that allow for two separate types of munitions to be used simultaneously. The loadouts are as follows.

Anti-Armor: 20 per panel.
Mine-Laying: 40 per panel.
Anti-Personnel: 60 per panel.

The launchers can be swapped out in about four minutes when expended. A pair of tractor beam emitters are located on the front of the vehicle (1 per side) to stabilize the vehicle during launch operations. Additionally, The 6 integrated 60mm mortars are capable of launching Shrapnel, APF (antipersonnel Flechette), Time Delay Shrapnel, ILUM, Smoke, High Explosive, and Time Delay High Explosive Shells at an effective firing range of 70–3,490 meters. The Altair Mk II also features a pair of small weapons mounts located side-by-side by the top exit hatch for vehicle mount weapons system deployment.
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