Updates to Awards

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Updates to Awards

Post by Da`nal »

As I volunteered to assist with awards, and as a fresh new look was requested for the current awards, I went through all the fleet’s award ribbons and updated them. The ribbons below are either a simple refresh to the existing ribbon, a rebooting of the ribbon to give it that ‘new look’, and even a few new awards for consideration.


Image – Advancement Ribbon
Image – Air Medal
Image – Bronze Star
Image – Captain's Honor Award
Image – Character Development Ribbon
Image – Civilian Contribution Award
Image – Commissioning Ribbon
Image – Crew’s Choice Award
Image – Cupid Award
Image – Distinguished Newcomer Award
Image – Distinguished Volunteer
Image – Doyle Mystery Award
Image – Duane Writing Award (tweaked 12/2015)
Image – Friendship Ribbon
Image – Funny Bone Award
Image – Good Conduct Ribbon
Image – Improvement Award
Image – Longevity Award: 6 Months
Image – Longevity Award: 1 Year
Image – Longevity Award: 2 Years
Image – Longevity Award: 3 Years
Image – Longevity Award: 4 Years
Image – Longevity Award: 5 Years
Image – Longevity Award: 6 Years
Image – Longevity Award: 7 Years
Image – Longevity Award: 8 Years
Image – Longevity Award: 9 Years
Image – Longevity Award: 10 Years
Image – Longevity Award: 11 Years
Image – Longevity Award: 12 Years
Image – Marksmanship Award
Image – Mission Development Ribbon
Image – NPC Award
Image – Sim Player of the Month
Image – Purple Heart
Image – Recruitment Ribbon
Image – Rivalry Ribbon
Image – Teamwork Award
Image – Tour of Duty: Borg (New)
Image – Tour of Duty: Breen
Image – Tour of Duty: Cardassian
Image – Tour of Duty: Deep Space
Image – Tour of Duty: Dominion
Image – Tour of Duty: Federation
Image – Tour of Duty: Ferengi
Image – Tour of Duty: Fluidic Space (New)
Image – Tour of Duty: Gorn
Image – Tour of Duty: Klingon
Image – Tour of Duty: Kzinti (New)
Image – Tour of Duty: Mirror Universe (tweaked 12/2015)
Image – Tour of Duty: Romulan
Image – Tour of Duty: Tholian
Image – Tour of Duty: Time (New) (tweaked 12/2015)
Image – Treknobabble Citation (tweaked 12/2015)
Image – Unsung Hero Award
Image – Warrior’s Soul Award


Image – Academy Ribbon (tweaked 12/2015)
Image – Academy Ribbon with Honors (tweaked 12/2015)
Image – Carl Roger Citation for Compassion
Image – Chancellor Gorkon Peace Award
Image –Command Academy
Image – Command Academy with Honors
Image – Cross of Valor
Image – Dedication Cross
Image – Departmental Distinction Award: Command
Image – Departmental Distinction Award:Marine
Image – Departmental Distinction Award: Science
Image – Departmental Distinction Award: Service
Image – Departmental Distinction Award: Support
Image – Desert Fox Order of Tactics
Image – Engineering Developmental Award
Image – Enigma Ribbon of Excellence
Image – First Contact
Image – Flying Cross
Image – Horatio Nelson Citation
Image – Humanitarian Award
Image – Humbolt Award
Image – Instructor’s Ribbon
Image – Joint Service Ribbon
Image – Matt Jefferies Volunteer Award (tweaked 12/2015)
Image – Medal of Honor
Image – Medical Discovery Award (tweaked 12/2015)
Image – Nemesis Award
Image – Original Thinking Award
Image – Pour le Merite
Image – POW Ribbon
Image – Scientific Discovery
Image – Skald Award


Image – Admiral's Choice Award
Image – Unit of Distinction: Bronze
Image – Unit of Distinction: Silver
Image – Unit of Distinction: Gold
Image – Post of the Month (new)
Image – Writer of the Month (new)
Image – CO of the Quarter
Image – Picard CO of the Year
Image – Spock XO of the Year (tweaked 12/2015)
Image – Fleet Player of the Month
Image – Fleet Player of the Year
Image – Sim of the Year
Image – UFP Presidential Unit Citation (New)
Image – Web Award banner (tweaked 12/2015)
Image – Web Award Main (tweaked 12/2015)
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Re: Updates to Awards

Post by caeda »

These look very nice :)

Couple issues I am personally seeing:

- For the Duane one I'd either consider shortening the ink trail from the quill or extending the white area around it a bit. I think I see that the ink is supposed to bleed off into the green but it is extremely hard to see with the texture of the background so it is more tending to look like it was just a photoshop image of a quill on a white background kind of haphazardly plunked into the middle - which I know definitely isn't the case.

- Academy/Academy Honors looks a bit busy with the emblem in the middle as well as all the departmental colors. I'd either suggest taking out the emblem all together (the departments can stand together to convey the point) or, if you want the emblem, consider shrinking down the department stripes and putting the emblem on a field of one color with the department stripes on either side of it

- The Medical Discovery Award's caduceus is a bit hard to distinguish from the background. Consider darkening the background and lightening the caduceus to provide more contrast. (or vice versa)

- On the Treknobabble Citation, I almost feel the emblem you used is a little too... shiny? when compared to everything else. Maybe explore some other options with it if you aren't completely married to the idea.

- Tour of Duty: Time (New) I'd suggest shrinking down the clock just a tad so it is more in line with the other circular form emblems on the other one (such as the Ferengi or Tholian awards)

- For the Matt Jefferies Volunteer Award I personally prefer the first option, but I'd like to actually see what it would look like with the horizontal black stripe on it like in the second option.

- With the Web awards I prefer the first two options for both instead of the ones with text on them, though perhaps a more simplified web image with text might also work better.

Your Tour of Duty awards are absolutely wonderful. Great job on those! They make me want to trot my characters off to all these places just so I can collect one of each for my profile :) The Command Academy one is superb too in its simplicity.

Lovely work!
Lt. Aojin Ecu'ara
Chief Medical Officer
USS. Ragnarok

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