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Re: Introduce Yourself

Post by Ongaku-Chi »

Welcome, Will, Haleigh, and the false prophet of the garden gnomes. :P

Samuel Kelly
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Re: Introduce Yourself

Post by Samuel Kelly »

Ohai thar Will! It's great to have you and the Relentless with Theta Fleet. :)
Lieutenant Commander Samuel R. Kelly, Chief Medical Officer
USS Nightingale, NCC-1910
Theta Fleet's Task Force 42, codenamed Centaur; Task Group 42-1, codenamed Cerberus

With loyalty will I endeavor to aid the physician, in his work, and devote myself to the welfare of those committed to my care.

Theta Fleet's one and only medically-centric role-playing game; the best medical drama ever told circa 2305. Oh, and did I mention it's an Oberth-class starship. I mean, come on! How epic is that?!

Skype with me! My handle is cuzinvinnie01.

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Re: Introduce Yourself

Post by FruitLoop »

Name's Jan but I prefer FruitLoop. I play LtJG Vien Hadren on the Falcon as its CSciO. I look forward to joining more Theta Fleet sims. I even have Vien's brother placed in the Characters Looking For Sims forum lol.

As for my simming history, that is rather long. I started online simming in 1995 in my sophmore year in high school. Wow, that was a long time ago. I started out on the USS Endeavour D under Capt Martin Parkes. It was awesome. Then it got slow, well dead really, and I gave up. I moved on to SDTF (Starfleet Defensive Task Force) and played several characters there until I got run over by a car in real life. That hurt. I was on my back for 8 months, so of course I was dropped from all the ships. Then I moved on to Starfleet SSF (Don't remember what SSF stood for) where I met some good friends that I no longer have contact with as they are busy with real life. Sad how that happens. Starfleet SSF fell apart due to something at the top (I was just a common player and had no clue what was going on) so I moved on to Xolani Fleets where I met Endymion again and the MARTY MONSTER! Yes, I met Marty at Xolani Fleets. I love Marty. Eventually Xolani Fleets collapsed due to crap at the top and I exited out of simming to concentrate on STAvatars, my own avatar site. More on that later. Then, I met Gloria who convinced me to rejoin the simming world and I joined my first ever Anodyne Productions sim. I will never go back to forums again. I joined several more, all within Obsidian Fleet, and there I met Charlie. I was never on Obsidian Colony with Marcus, but I was onboard the Alabama when it came to Theta Fleet as the Asgard. I was also onboard the Blackhawk which Josh has so discreetly reminded me that was in Phoenix Fleet. Yes, I've been in a lot of fleets. The Blackhawk moved to Theta Fleet, and I joined a lot more sims here. Then, stupidly, I made a complete and total arse of myself and retreated to Andromeda Fleet. That did not last long. Within a few months, I switched to Pegasus Fleet where I have been ever since. Most of my characters are there: A. Enor, my CO char; Jax, my troublemaker char; and A. Greenwood, my current doctor char. My XO, who you all know as Hans Shiloh, convinced me to join his ship and here I am again, this time as the Hadren brothers, two entirely new characters.

That's my simming history in a nutshell. Wow, that's a lot. lol As far as interests, I enjoy reading (fantasy, children's, sci-fi, adventure, suspense), movies (action, comedy, romance, children's, fantasy, sci-fi), music (country, 60s, 50s, 40s, some 90s, some pop, rock, video game soundtracks), food (CHOCOLATE, cookies, cake, anything sweet, steak, chinese, fried chicken, pineapple casserole among others) graphics, skinning, sewing, and taking care of the neighbors' dogs. That's about it for me. NEXT!!
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Lt Lanaila Jansum, MD
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Aric Barclay
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Re: Introduce Yourself

Post by Aric Barclay »

As if we didn't know who you were? ^.^

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Alexandra Vance
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Re: Introduce Yourself

Post by Alexandra Vance »

Good day Theta Fleet,

I am Major General Thomas Crapper of the SS Petaq on Inti Colony. I look forward to fulfilling ALL of your MATERIAL RECOVERY needs of your vessels. If you should require the services of the SS Petaq, you can send a request to the Inti Colony Administrator and the she will dispatch us immediately.

For those of you whom are unaware of what material recovery is, basically we will haul away anything from a small bit of fecal matter to a romulan warbird, no questions asked!


Thomas Crapper
Major General
Commanding Officer, SS Petaq

"If the trash is there, we do not care."

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Jinder McGowan
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Re: Introduce Yourself

Post by Jinder McGowan »

Hi everyone, I'm new!

Jinder McGowan, commanding the brand spanking new USS Odyssey, a simm that will take place in the Nu-Trek era. So if anyone has a hankering to jump into a game with tons of implied history but only two films worth of canon, I hope you'll consider mine! Web page and other sundries are forthcoming.
USS Odyssey

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Eve Dallas
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Re: Introduce Yourself

Post by Eve Dallas »

Hi everyone,

My Name is Eve Dallas and I have just started in the Theta Fleet Command Academy and I'm Lieutenant Valerie Mira PhD aboard Starbase Typhon.
I'm looking forward to being a commanding officer and working with my crew and my fleet officers...
_____ Eve Dallas
Commanding Officer
USS _________

Lieutenant Valerie Mira PhD
Chief Counselor
Starbase Typhon

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Re: Introduce Yourself

Post by Mouse »

Squeakies! Theta Fleet

Iz mean "greetings" I'm Rachel. I'm a simmer (roleplayer) and dont have a command yet. Been simming trek 8+ yrs. 5+ yrs at Fantasy Roleplay. My two favorite genres of roleplay and fantasy.

As you can see by my siggy, you can tell I'm a Pilot and Infiltration Specialist. And maybe posting a bio on the "Seeking Ship" thread. Gah.. that sounds like sinking ship.... Squeak/giggles. Anyway. I hope to find a cool sim to join.

I'm part of many different fleets, Bravo Fleet, Obsidian Fleet, Pegasus Fleet, and on an Independant ship (which I've been on for 8+ yrs). Some of you may resognize me by my chosen trek species I sim with; "Mousian".

Before ya get your underwear inna bunch, I know my character species isn't canon to Star Trek. But do have some back-ups try out.

Simmed Pilot (first choice), Infiltration Agent (second choice), Civilian (third choice)

Soooo.. I'm off to scout out the boards... peek into places i can access.... Cyas around. Oh squeee... I prefer Nova, Forums type of sims. my e-mail gets cluttered enough as is.

Scampers off with a tail wave, disappearing into the walls. "ouch! Iz hate these steel walls!" Rubs nose, walking off in a drunken fashion.
Resident Mousian in the Walls

Pilot Extraordinaire / Infiltration Specialist

Best in a teddy bear and girlfriend

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Lucas Walker
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Re: Introduce Yourself

Post by Lucas Walker »

Ok so my name is Vernon. I've been simming for 20+ years, most recently in Obsidian Fleet and Zulu Fleet. My ship is currently with Band of Brothers now, but I also have a new ship here on Theta Fleet. My character is Captain Lucas Walker, commanding the Defiant class USS Winchester. Feel free to come visit and take a look around.

I've been married longer than I care to remember, I have two sons and three grandkids. I am a kitchen manager for an elementary school in our local school district, here in Central Texas.

If you want to know anything else, drop me a line! I'm glad to be here and look forward to many long lasting relationships!


Re: Introduce Yourself

Post by Ongaku-Chi »

Hello Vern. Unfortunately, this area of the Fleet has fallen in to critical abandonment by the Department of Information management.

Please forgive the cobwebs.

-Admiral Ongaku-chi

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