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Timothy Harrison
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So, what languages do we all speak? I have three mother tongues, German, Ripuarian (a local language in danger of extinction) and English, and additionally speak French and Spanish at an advanced and Irish and Dutch at a beginner's level. In the future, I'd like to learn Latin, Ancient Greek, Russian, Sanskrit, Māori, Italian and possibly Nahuatl, Serbo-Croatian, Polish, Basque, Finnish and Swahili. Yes, I know, it's a massive list, but I love languages. Hence why I chose to learn something as obscure (considering where I live and where I want to go) as Irish.

What about you? Any languages you know or would like to learn?
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Curzon Bennett
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Re: Languages

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Hmmm. Well I can't claim to know as many languages as you, but still, I come from Britain.

English, Welsh and German. Both the first as mother tongues, and German to an undergraduate level.

I'd like to learn French, Hebrew, Ancient Greek, Latin, Arabic and Sanskrit at least. And possibly Sumerian for giggles.
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