Nova 2 CSS Skin - Requests

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Nova 2 CSS Skin - Requests

Post by Demetri Ivanov »

I would really appreciate it if one of our artistic Members would be so kind as to consider making a couple skins. Skinning is not a skill I was blessed with.

The sims in Question are the USS Alexandria and the Hogwarts Sim.

For Alexandria I am looking for an Original Skin that Just looks Real Bad A$$.

For Hogwarts the Skin there is a little broke the half the castle is missing in the header and the whole skin has shifted left. So I am looking for something original that shows the magic and majesty of the old castle. If the skin can give it a more marble or stone castle feel that would be awsome to.

What ever someone can come up with I would Appreciate as I am just no good with CSS or Coding and my graphics skills are limited.

Thank You in advance to any artists that lend their hands to the project.
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Re: Nova 2 CSS Skin - Requests

Post by Vene_ »

I would love it if someone could help with a Skin for the Islandica.

Not asking for much and not that picky, I would just love something black and that has the ships image. I love the look of the USS Niagara (

But like I said not picky. Hoping for something Black with ship name and image. If you can help me out let me know.

Request Withdrawn (But thank you)
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Re: Nova 2 CSS Skin - Requests

Post by qazzy »

Greets. I'd like to make a request for skins for two sims.

The first request is for the USS Endeavour (Intrepid Class). I'd like something that is similar to either the Alexandria or the Hera sim sites, or even a mix of both. I'm not really too picky :)

the second request is for a BSG based sim that is soon to open. The setting is in the Reimagined Series aboard a Columbia II class battlestar, and again I'm not too picky.

Thank you in advance to anyone willing to do these

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