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Mad Libs

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Star Trek Mad Libs! by vincenthugo

Chapter Notes: The Enterprise-D tries to break free from a mysterious anomaly.

Worf: Captain, I am detecting a subspace disturbance dead ahead.

Ship rumbles.

Picard: Report, Mr. Data.

Data: We are caught in some sort of _________ (physics term) singularity. There is no known record of this phenomenon in our database.

Picard: Well, it looks like we’re truly exploring the unknown.

Ship rumbles some more. Lights go dim.

Ensign: Captain, impulse engines are ________(adjective)! The anomaly is creating some sort of ________ (tech word) flux that’s _________(verb ending in –ing) our warp field!

Riker: All hands, brace for impact!

A lot of shaking.

LaForge: LaForge to bridge! We’ve got a problem! The _________(physics term that doesn’t allow the Enterprise to actually exist) compensators are off-line! We’re a sitting duck!

Worf: Shields down to _______(number) percent!

Picard: Suggestions, Mr. Data.

Data swivels in his chair.

Data: Captain, according to known theory, if we ________ (invert/reverse) the polarity of the ________ (another physics term) using our (piece of Enterprise equipment), the resulting explosion should provide us with sufficient momentum to escape.

Picard pauses for a moment.

Picard: Very good, Mr. Data. How long will it take, Mr. LaForge?

LaForge: _______(number) minutes!

Picard: You don’t have ______(same number) minutes!

LaForge: Captain, if we try what Data is suggesting we’ll need to shut down the __________ (important piece of Enterprise equipment)! I’ll need to re-route auxiliary power!

Picard: How long will it take, Mr. LaForge?

LaForge: _______(number) minutes!

Picard: You don’t have ______(same number) minutes!

Mr. LaForge magically does it in three seconds.

LaForge: LaForge to bridge! OK, you’re ready!

Picard: Now, Mr. Data! Ensign ______ (random name), get us out of here!

Lights return to normal. Shaking stops.

Picard: Good work, Mr. Data.

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